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6 Apr 2010

Precious Moment

2th of April 2010

It's a day totally without any school work, an afternoon with my zhi muis, and a night with all 2007 batch of BATI-ans plus wonderful lecturers!!!

It's a proper prom night for me that day. Really. With hairdo and make up, and of course the dress and the killing shoes...I haven't done any make up before, let alone the hairdo. Anyway, it was a great journey to the salon and let the hairdresser show off his creative skills.

Next was the make up session at Chan Poo Bee's house. Thanks to her, I looked a little different that night. After 1.5 hours of make up session, we finally went off to City Bayview Hotel for the big event.

Many of us looked different that night!

What I saw and felt that night was not something that can be describe by words, but is to be feel by heart. I know all of us had a wonderful night, cos I myself really enjoy that night, with themakan-makan session, the singing session and the prom queen and king session. Even the lecturers were different that night! :)

It's a night that I shall not forget in my life!

BATI-ans ROxxxxx!

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