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23 Apr 2010

Not-so-productive Days

Since the Taiping trip, I've been staying in the house for the majority of the time, except 2 or 3 days went out for movie, dinner and visiting my uni's museum. It supposed to be good to stay in the house without having to do assignments or reading books for exam, but the bad and lousy internet line makes it less fun. Luckily in the early days, I still managed to watch a few movies, before the internet line became worst starting the past 2 or 3 days until now. I can't think of doing other stuff other than watching movies taken from friends or downloaded before this, or watching television, go through the old magazines again and sleep. Getting out from the house frequently is a no-no for me cos the weather here is farking hot, plus there is already a huge hole in my purse. I can't afford to go out and spend again. =(

The only productive things that I've done was that the reason I still stay here in Penang when I actually can go home and enjoy my holiday. I've contacted lecturers and asked them to become my referee for my Master's application and I've got one done, and one more to go. I've also met the lecturer whom I wanted to be my supervisor and Dr. had been very helpful by giving a few ideas on what topic should I do for the research studies. In the meantime, I'm reading a book recommended by Dr. and try to set up the topic. *Hope I can finish filling up my Master's form by next week!*

As the examination starts this week, most of my house mates were already back here in Penang to prepare their respective examination. Thus the peaceful and quiet house become merrier and full of musics again. While they prepare for their exam, I'm having fun on my own.

As for yesterday, I had an advanced birthday celebration again, this time from my house mates. I was already in bed at that time and my room mate woke me up when they came into the room with a cake. Oh gosh! This will be one of the memorable birthday celebration, as no one celebrated in that way with me before. If it's not because the next day I'm free, which means I can sleep until I wake up on my own, I surely will be moody cos I don't like people disturbing me when I'm asleep. Lucky for them! But it's good to celebrate with them once during our 2 years time together. Thanks to my Desa U's house mates from April 2008-May 2010! =)

And in the coming days, I shall start packing my stuff. Though I will be here again in Penang when I'm doing my Master, but I'm not staying in this cozy and lovely room where I can hear the water flowing in the swimming pool 6 floors below me again. I shall move into the uni's hostel or another room outside the campus, which I'm still considering for the sake of the internet line.

*初恋红豆冰@Ais Kacang Puppy Love which is now airing in cinemas is quite good. A simple storyline, but a lot of memorable scenes.*

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