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9 Apr 2010

Curtain Falls for Degree's Life

Finally, my degree's life is officially over.

No more classes, tutorials, assignments, group works, pair works, rushing for class's moments, being 'shoot' by lecturers, lepak-lepak moments at Subaidah or Queensbay or RedBox, etc. I can't believe that my three year's uni life ended so fast. It really feel like just a click of time. It seems like I just started the uni life not so long ago. And now, I'm saying goodbyes to friends whom I met here, lecturers whom had taught me. Since my final semester is more on final year project where less classes being conduct, I started to miss the life full of classes, though I hate it so much when there were classes back then.

These three years have been a good year for me. Of course there are bad and worst moments, but we need to think positive. So overall, it's a good three years. Met many types of people and learnt how to handle them. It's good to know all of them-friends, coursemates, lectures in my journey of life. Through them, I saw many things from different perspective, and of course, I learn things from them.

I had sorrow, I had bad moments, but I had joy and I had fun in Universiti Sains Malaysia! I will treasure these moments forever and ever!


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