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26 Apr 2010

A Priceless Present

2010's Birthday present from my close friends-a sketch book!!


The front page, with my initial and a very-private-photo.

The first page: different roles of me

and then it continue with their messages, deep from their heart!! =)

It all happened yesterday when Ah Wei asked me for dinner, where I thought it was just a normal dinner, although it's my birthday, as most of us already started to enjoy our holiday (yeap, no exams, meaning our holiday starts earlier than others!). The meeting time was supposed to be at 7 pm, but it started to rain at 5.45 pm. Initially I thought of cancelling the dinner, since it was really a downpour. But Ah Wei asked to go out a lil late, when the rain is getting smaller. I didn't smell any tricks there though, as I was not expecting a birthday celebration, since we've done it during our Taiping trip. So, I made myself ready to get a call from Ah Wei to indicate that she's arriving. While waiting for her, I continued watching anime. Thus, I truly don't have the time to think, or guessed any birthday surprises, until Ah Wei rang the bell and said hello to me, and then a loud shout comprising Happy Birthday and Surprise that really surprised me! I didn't expect that! It turned out that they were going to have dinner with me! :)

Dinner took place at Hidden Recipe. It was a normal dinner though, with normal way-chatting before, while and after meal. And then, I was given the present! I was like, Huh? Biar betul ni. Cos I've celebrated my birthday with them, and I didn't expect to receive anymore from them. I'm a very simple person. Warm wishes from people close to me is more than enough for me. I don't bother if I didn't get any birthday presents. So, to get something so special from them is unthinkable. I can only say that I was really surprised by that. Honestly, I did not felt touched but I definitely felt warm being showered by their loves, in the cold night after a heavy downpour. You guys make my night wonderful! Love you all forever! =)


Ah Wei said...

ah pheng pheng, is our pleasure to have you in our Uni life~ We love you too!

Yen Pheng said...

We are destined to love each other! =)

chuah said...

dont forget me!!! I love you two!

Yen Pheng said...

LoL....how can we forget our lovely burung hantu leh?? hehe