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21 May 2010

Things Change

Human can draw a well-planned plan for future, but not everything will go according to the plan, one by one or step by step. Sometimes we have to divert our way from the plan, because we think the other road will lead our life to a different path. And if there is a chance coming towards you, will you take the chance or push it away? I believe that we should take it and have a try on it, because the same opportunity won't come twice. Well, it's possible that chances will come again, but not in a short time. It might take a few years or many years to come back again. For me, I think people should grab any opportunity that they were given. It doesn't matter that we might fail upon taking the chance, or it will lead a hard way. The most important thing is the outcome we can get from the opportunity, and what we had learn from it!

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