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1 May 2010

Sistah-hood Forever

For the past 2.5 years, I’ve stick to XinMi Chan, SzeSze Chuah, Lawrence Wong, MingWei Lee, ZheRong Liew, ChiaMin Lim and SheiHan Lim. XinMi Chan and SzeSze Chuah was the first few people I knew when I got into this university. Since then, I always stick to these two fellas. But then, my circle of friends expanded: new fellas include Lawrence Wong, MingWei Lee, ChiaMin Lim and SheiHan Lim. I was closed to ChiaMin and SheiHan than Lawrence and MingWei, as the two Lims stay at the same hostel as me. Though we stay at different hostels, I still stick closely to XinMi and SzeSze, thanks to the one week orientation that make us stayed together! =) But as the seven of us took the same minor papers, our relationship grow from acquaintance to friends, then level up to closed friends. At one point (and I don’t really know how it happened), ZheRong started to join us. As time goes by, the eight of us are then 1 level higher: we considered ourselves as ‘sistahs’ (sisters), as the majority of us are female. We are here in a world of democracy; hence the guys have nothing to say! LOL!

Anyway, this shows that our bond grow stronger, day after day, in this big group of us. We knew each other much more after each semester, through the things that we had went through. We shared what we know to each other, although much of the time we talk rubbish, and we have many ideas on rubbish! Hahaha! But that’s how our relationships grow stronger. We spend time to have meals together, watch movies together, chat together, karaoke together, and of course, we studied together-discussed past years or share the notes.

I myself had a very closed friend during my secondary years, but we did not live the way I live now. Probably it’s because at that time I was still school-bounded, and it’s only the 2 of us, plus the environment is totally different. It’s different to have a bunch of closed friends compared to a closed friend. But what important to me is that I really found someone to share, to love and being loved by them, in this different stages of life. It’s actually not easy to find a person who can be so kamching with us, let alone finding 7! That’s why I am very grateful. If I’ve not chosen this course, I’ll not meet this crazy bunch of fellas! :) I know it’s easy to say but hard to do, but I do hope our bond will be as tight as never before, and may our friendship last forever!

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