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30 May 2010

A typical Chinese way

Attended a relative's wedding dinner last Friday in a restaurant at Seremban. In a traditional way, it only started 2 hours later from the time stated in the invitation card. Haiz. I wonder why we Chinese have this habit. Why can't start on time?? I think 15-45 minutes of 'delaying' is enough. It shouldn't be more than 1 hour. It's really a waste of time, you know, sitting there doing nothing. Logically, when the time stated is 6pm, guests should arrive BEFORE that time, and not only get out from their house on that time. If I got married in future, I'll start it according to my time. I don't want to repeat the same things, because I think time is precious, and I think punctuality is important. That's the only thing I hate for when attending a wedding dinner. But the best thing is that we can get as much liquor as we like, which is the best thing for me. You see, a bottle of Martell V.S.O.P or Chivas Regal is very expensive. Unless you are very rich, otherwise you wouldn't want to waste money and buy it and only drink for fun on some other nights. Thus, attending wedding dinner is the best chance to get these free flows of liquor. That's the main thing for me. It doesn't matter whether a dish is delicious or not, I'm not so into it, as long as its edible (for me).

Back to the dinner I attended, we spent 4.5 hours at the restaurant, 1.5 hours waiting and 3 hours was spent to eat 9 dishes. It was a tired day for me and my family, because that day's early morning, we only went back to my grandma's place because there was a prayer session for my grandpa. It was a long day for us, especially my mummy who had to do the cooking for the prayer session. And after the prayer, there were not much time left to take a nap because my uncle and my mummy's aunts were there, and we chat for a long time. Thus when we reach home after the dinner at 11.30pm, most of us dozed off immediately, except my brother and I, where we were reminiscing the days we took school bus. I think he was very 'high' after taking liquors. We talked for quite some time until we were 'left out' by our parents the next morning where we promised to go to the wedding ceremony at the relative's house. We end up staying in the oven's place the whole afternoon. Duh!!

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