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30 Jul 2010

Coming very very soon!

I can't believe it!!!!!!! It's really around the corner!!!!!!!!!!!!! Exactly 7 days to go, I'll be wearing a purple robe, a pink sash and a mortarboard, sitting in USM's main hall, and waiting to receive my scroll!!!! I will finally wearing THE robe! Can't wait for the moment to come!! =)

Final checklist for the big day:

  1. Bus ticket to Penang - settled
  2. Attire on convo day - decided
  3. Form for representative Collecting Academic Robes - sent
  4. Collecting Academic Robes - Though tomorrow only can collect, I believed in Ming Wei, who WiLL collect for me.

Activities of the day:

  1. Few hours in the main hall
  2. Upon finished, will meet my VVIPs
  3. Take tonnes of photos with my Sistahs and friends
  4. Lunch
  5. Taking studio photos
  6. Return robes and get back my real scroll-if possible
  7. Dinner with my lovely VVIPs

Can't wait for the coming week to arrive. Though I've spent about 3 years in Penang, I still feel excited to go back to the once familiar places again! Can't wait to unite with my beloved Sistahs, and meet other friends again. Come, come next week! I can't wait for you to come!!

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