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10 Jul 2009


Though I tried to avoid it, I still can't prevent it from coming. I wish I can freeze the time, but I'm not Piper from the Charmed series. Hence, new semester came and started, and I can't find another way to escape it. Sigh. But the most important thing is, I'm now a final year student! I don't want to graduate!! I don't want to work!!! I had been escaping these facts since secondary days. Though I've been lucky for years, it seems like this time, I don't have any valid reason to run away again. But these facts come nearer and nearer to me. It's kindda scary when I think of it. I don't like complicated stuffs. I like school days (though I hate exams. hey, who lurve exams?!), half day of classes, being around with friends, go makan-makan together, lepak in library, etc. It's not a stressful job. I know I can't have the life without working, except...except that...I get married with a rich guy. Anyway, this also unlikely to happen. Guess I shall better prepare myself to accept the facts than finding those unlikely-to-happen's reason!

Anyway, this semester, I think it's like past semesters, I don't think it's a very very hectic schedule. It's just that there are days that my classes are continuos, like from 9am to 2pm, without a break. Though it will be a tiring day, I think it's better than there are few hours break between classes. I think it's a waste of time, especially if the break is only 1 hour. Sometime it's good, sometime it's not. And like past semesters, I don't have classes on Friday. Yeah!!

Well, classes has not really started in this week. First week is like an extra holiday for me, as lecturers need to confirm the amount of students taking the subject and registration for the tutorial class. There's no big changes around the uni, just that there are a bunch of newcomers. Seeing them walking around with the matrix card hanging around and sometimes looks like a lost lamb, I remembered my first week in uni. We are exactly the same! It's the same scene that goes on again and again, a same process of growing up.

That's life. The process of growing up will come again and again, and it happen not only to me, but to others too. It's a fact that I can't deny it, a fact that I need to accept it.

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