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26 Jul 2009

him, we and Him

He'll never know you, but you need to recognise him. Once you'd encountered him, there are two possibilities: either you make it, or you failed to do it. But the options are not in your hand. There are in His hand. He will made the decision for you and you can't fight back the decision that He had made. You just have to accept it, no matter you like it or not.

He is very dangerous. He might come and go, just like a normal visitor. But somehow, when he think it's time, he'll attack you like you've never seen before. And that's the horrible and scariest thing he can do. You'll never know when he's gonna attack you. You just have to be alert and waited to be ambush by him.

There are many many factors that led him to start the attack , and I think one of the important factor is food. Probably types of food that we tend to take makes him feel anger and hatred to us, and thus, he make such an attack to warn us that we should not ignore and neglect him. However, it's not 100% our fault. We are only human. You and I tend to do anything that crosses our mind, and everything that we feels good about it. It's like we are out of control. We won't think so much about the consequences of the things we gonna do, let alone the small things that he had hinted before. We tend to forget it. Obviously, it's our fault.

Until he can't stand it anymore, he attacks. A severe one. At that point, no one could do a single thing to stop him. And at that point, we were shocked. We were stumbling, yet there are people who was calm enough to try to stop the action. Minutes after minutes, though the action was stopped, it was not good enough. At that moment, the decision is not on us anymore. It's His decision now. Either we make it or failed to do it, it's His decision now. He'll make a decision where no one can fight about. I wonder whether He will feel uncomfortable to make the decision. No matter what is the decision, we had to respect it.

But now, you can't pin point to others anymore. A decision had been made. It doesn't matter whether it's my fault or his fault or our fault. It wont't change a thing now.

stroke+brain hemorrhage=took someone away from us.

Al-fatihah and R.I.P-Yasmin Ahmad

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