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24 Jul 2009

Back to the basics

Humour, heart and love. These are the essential things a human should have. And these are the things that were shown by Yasmin Ahmad's babies. Most of the commercials and films from her have these elements, plus, they crosses the cross-cultural barriers. It was rare. Producers seldom do these as a little bit of 'wrong' action or word will cause a lot of criticism. But Yasmin do it on her on way, without gaining much troubles. Her babies were born from her observations through her daily life in Malaysia. She saw these things. These things are happening, but she make it apparent by showing it on the big screen. And the viewers was like, wow, a new element! which is half true, as those things that was shown was already there in front of us. The true part was it's true that it was a new element on the big screen (well, especially in Malaysia). It's a reminder to all Malaysian that afterall, we are Malaysian, which consists of Malays, Chinese, Indians, and the minorities. No one can ever change that!

Yasmin was admitted to hospital and underwent a surgery for brain haemorrhage on thursday. She was said to be in stable condition. Finger crossed that she will get well soon.

I especially lurve this ad:

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