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29 Jul 2009

My Target

I've been thinking about losing weight. It's my own initiative. No one is forcing, okey? It's just that I think it's time to do so, you know, sometimes we have to have the click...only then we'll feel like doing it. So, my ideal weight is:

Yeah, 55kg. I still have a long way to go. So this is what I will do:

1. meat...
2. junk food (though I seldom had it)...
3. oily food...

Replace with:
1. fruits
3. low fat yogurt

These things is based on all those things I've been taking/should take while I'm studying.

And the most important thing,


Cross fingers that I'll disciplined myself!

1 comment:

Lee Ah Wei said...

OK,let's go n cycle twice a week~~~ Nah..don say i'm not friend enough liao ah~~ haha... No more Subaidah's nasi khandar.. you need to take your own vege and fruit and also yogurt~ then surely u will slim enough in a month~