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19 Jul 2009

Room Alone

Been staying alone since last Tuesday, and it will continue until the end of this semester. Not that I don't have a room mate, but my room mates had left me...for this semester, to go to Finland for the student exchange programme. Sigh. It's great to occupy a big room, but I wish to participate in the programme too. Money, money, money, always sunny in the rich man's world.

A spacious room and a small me. I can do anything I like without disturbing others. Jumping up and down, acting like a small kid, cuddle my soft toys, playing songs with the laptop's speaker, exercising and even singing out loud will not be a problem. Yeah, I've got my own room now, a room, all by myself. I was alone, I was all by myself. No one was looking, I was thinking of you.

It makes me think a lot when I'm alone. Think of the future, and reminiscing the past. Think of anything, and everything. It doesn't matter whether its possible or impossible. All I could do is just thinking, to keep my brain from dysfunction.

The source of thinking? Reading...anything...from revising studies to magazines to watching movies, all sorts of stuff.

Thus, a day went off, just like that.

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