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9 Oct 2009


This week has passed so fast that it's a Friday now, and it's getting closer to weekends in a few more hours. I love weekends, but I guess this coming weekend, I'll be spending with reports. I love weekdays too, but it passes so fast that I can't remember clearly what have I done. It's not that I was very busy with many stuffs. It was just another week. But there are new thing mention up this week when my gang and I went out for lunch. Though it's just a normal lunch, topics that we discussed range from many aspects. And it seems that we, the gang who always eat and went out together, are getting much more closer, as the things we discussed were much more deeper and more private. I think probably we can now consider ourselves as close close friends, since we know each other much better now. I wish this relationship of ours will maintain till death do us apart! :)

*Opps! SzeSze, you are one of us too! :0

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