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31 Oct 2009

Lunatic Pervert!

You idiot molester! Respect the LADIES! Don't you know if you do this to the ladies, it means you are doing the same thing to the one who gave birth on you?! You farking idiot!!

I know these things happen around us everyday, but happened on one of my friend that really got me angry. I mean, I'm not that furious, but it happened on my friend, so...hey, I have feelings too. Just can't understand why do they do that. Is there any fun by molesting someone? Hmm, maybe challenging? =.="

Btw, it happened when my friends, A and B took a night ride in a bus back to their room. There were not much people in the bus and the bus was in dark. A got down earlier then B, and right after A got down, a fat idiot went to sit beside B and molested her. B did shout, but no one heard her as the surrounding was quite noisy. She got down at the next stop, which was quite near to the previous stop. B did make a police report, but no one has been caught. Sigh.

1-0, the molester lead by 1 point, and probably the scores by the molester will rise up (well, in reality, it Is.)

So, ladies out there, please beware and take care of yourself where ever you are. Oh, if you can recognized the idiot, we have a better chance to catch him.

And to the gentlemen, please don't be one of the point scorer. RESPECT.

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