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25 Oct 2009

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Time flies by when you are doing things you like.

I've been sleeping and watching series since Friday night, and now, it's Sunday night!!

The Mentalist was the series that I watched.

Ooh, my head is fulled of Patrick Jane!!!

Life is sooo wonderful when there are movies/series.

There are many movies and series that I wanna watch, but....time does not allow.

Ah Bui, I don't like Vampire Diaries . I think is Elena too 'strong' for Stefan!!

Life full with entertainment will end soon.

It's study week now. I supposed to study, not to entertain myself.



Lee Ah Wei said...

Wow, don't tell me you already finish watch all six episodes of Vampire Diary in this few day ah??

a Kimi Raikkonen's fan who type when she's alone said...

huhuhu...halfway thru episode 1, i cannot tahan liao~hehe