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28 Oct 2009

Venturing Jerejak Island

Woke up after 2.5 hours sleep (well, reach home at 3am from RedBox) coz will be going Jerrejak Island. My mum asked me to be careful while I was there as Jerejak Island was formerly a leprosarium, a sanatorium and a prison during 1910s until 1980s. Well, it's an extra reminder for me, as I've remind myself after hearing some info on that island from my friends.

Curiosity still spinning inside my head as I stepped into the ferry. What will the place looked like? Yeah, the pamphlet at the jetty stated that it was an island resort-beautiful scenery with sand and coconut trees and sounds of wave occured in my mind, but I still wondered how the historical island can be transform into a resort island.

There is not much people in the ferry. Most of them looked like staff working in the island-wearing nice attire or some wearing an army like uniform. But there are a couple who is a visiting customer-they brought bags like me and my friends.

After 10-15 minutes ride, we officially reached the place. We followed the crowd, and reached the lobby of the Jerejak Resort. Waited at the lobby as the events start at 9.30am. We were asked to gather at the man made beach at 9.30am. At the beach, there was 1 instructor and the couple we saw in the ferry. So, there were 6 of us in the group. He told us what's the plan of the day. Start off with jungle trekking, flying fox-ing, wall climbing. Then we will have lunch and a 2 hours rest time. After that, we will have archery and we will finish off with cycling.

Well, the activities were not much but it was enjoyable. The whole jungle trekking took about 45 minutes. There was no easy path and we need to move around in the damp ground-thanks to yesterday night's rain. The uphill part was a bit challenging and it was a 20 minutes uphill way. Though it was a bit tough, I felt great upon reaching the peak. Surrounded by the green leaves and big trees were cool, but there were some eerie feelings upon recalling this place's history.

The suspension bridge was not long and were not very high. Walked to the end of the bridge, and we came back to the start part with flying fox. After a few times of having flying fox at other places, I can now officially say that I'm not scare of doing flying fox! *applause* We ended the heavy activities with wall climbing. It was a really tough activity, and it needs a strong hands, cos it depends on your hands to support yourself up there. Tips on this activity: the lightest you are, the better chance of you getting much more higher.

Had fish & chips as my main course over fried rice. The taste was not bad and we had ABC chicken soup as appetizer and watermelon, honeydew and papaya as dessert. Ah Bui and Ah Wong played congkak while Ah Liew and I play carrom. And then we went to the playground...to play the swings!! huhuhu...I LURVE it!! The last time I played was 10 months ago when I was in Shen Zhen, China.

Before we had the archery game, we strolled along the beach. There were trees around, and we can see the airplanes landing. The bad thing was there were buildings on the other side of the end-Bayan Lepas area. But other than that, it was a perfect place to free your mind. There were no vehicles around or buzzy noise. Archery was fun, but the bow was a bit heavy. *Tangan kiriku tak kuat*

Ah Bui and I teach Ah Wong and Ah Liew cycled. But I think we failed, as they still not 100% know how to cycle. Pity Ah Wong, balancing also got problem. But at least Ah Liew can cycle for like 2 meters without problem. *Anyone out there who knows how to teach cycling, please leave some comment*
A few drops of rain lead us back to indoor, playing table tennis and darts. After the games, we chatted while having some crackers and waiting the rains to stop. But it didn't. It rains and stopped, stopped and rains, demolished our plan to play beach volleyball. End up we had sandwiches early and went back to the jetty, to get back to Penang Island.

For me, it's a place suitable to go to relax and forget about the real world. It doesn't matter that there is not much things to do. A place that is away from the vehicle's vroom vroom and honk sounds is good enough for me to keep myself calm and cool.

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