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7 Apr 2009

The End...for now

Is the end of 2nd semester. Hence, is in study week now. So what had we done during this semester?? Well, apart from assignments and assignments, we did learnt one or two things. First and foremost, we had a chance to do recording and listen back to our voice. Kind of weird when I first heard of my recorded voice. And we did found out whom we should groupped with when we wanna do group work. Is a real headache if we group with someone who's not as same frequency as ourselves. Plus we did find out how to manage ourselves upon face up some problems, I mean, any problems. And we got to know each other a lil' bit deeper, as we hang out quite some time. But do learn other non-academic things in Mr Harjiet's class.

But one thing for sure, TIME,  really is flying by. Is like 2nd semester had just started few days ago and now it's over. Feel like just wanna stop it, or make it move a lil slow. I really enjoyed those lepaking times. And just feel kindda sad when there is 1 more year left. I just like the school days. I don't want to start working, facing all those dirty tricks and those unacceptable's humans behaviour. But the reality is, people need to face up these things, and this is what I hate most!

*In study week now, but not in study mood. Will just spend time lepaking for now, and will be prepare to study again! :)

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