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10 Apr 2009


I can't believe I just spent 3 days to finish 4 books!!! Yep...the 4 books that I've just bought 3 days ago. I just can't resist myself from touching those books...can't control, though. And those books really attract me to continue reading it. Spent days and nights reading, reading and reading, and finally finish reading today. Felt happy upon finishing the books, as I can't stand it not knowing what is the conclusion of the story. And I like those stories with a happy ending. Hahaha.....here are the synopsis of the novels. I won't spill too much of the stories, if any of you are interested wth the stories, go and get the books!

Twilight is about a girl name Isabella Swan who moved to Forks and met a vampire name Edward Cullen, and fall in love with him. This novel is mostly centered around Bella and Edward, how Bella found out he is a vampire, and how they go on with the human-vampire relationship. Of course, there are scenes about how they develop the feelings to each other. All other Cullen's family, Edward's 'adopted' parents and his siblings are close with Bella, as they already think Bella as one of their family members (well, except 1 of the sister, though). The Cullens@vampires are different from other vampires. They are so called the 'vegetarian', as they depend on animal's blood, not human's blood. Its a time frame that make them control of not taking human blood. The climax is when another coven of vampire came to Forks, and James was intrigued by the Cullens' relationship with a human. That's why he wants to hunt Bella. Unfortunately, the Cullens' family overpowered him.

New Moon is about a group of werewolves, 1 of whom happended to be Bella's friend, Jacob Black, who will turn out to be her best friend after this. Things happend between Bella and Edward during Bella's 18th birthday, when 1 of Edward's brother, who still can't control himself, attacked Bella when she cut her finger upon opening a present. Hence, the Cullens moved out of Forks, 'for the sake of Bella's safety'. Bella was all alone upon Edward's departure, and thus formed a close relationship with Jacob. Bella was protected by the werewolves when Victoria, a mate of James came for a revenge of his death. And some miscommunications leads Edward to believe to Bella has died. Distraught by the news, he went to Italy to provoke the Volturi, the peace-keeping vampires who are able to kill him. But Bella flied to Italy just in time to save Edward, but was caution by the Volturi that human who knows of the existence of vampires must either be killed or changed into vampire.

Eclipse is about a bunch of new born's vampires who was created by Victoria, to get a revenge on Bella. These bunch of vampires started their thirst for blood in Seatle, where many unsolved murdered cases happended. In this book also revealed that the werewolves and vampires can cooperate. Previously, or should I said, technically, werewolves and vampires can't be together, together in the sense that close by each other. Though these 2 groups stay at a same place, they did divided their territory. But for the sake of everyone, literally all the humans in Forks, the werewolves and the Cullens (hence the vampires), they merge together to get rid of the new born vampire who came for revenge, as ordered by Victoria. Of course, Victoria did show up and, of course, wanted Bella so much, as Edward took her James away from her. Thus, Victoria thinks it's fair and square if she took away Bella from Edward. But in this epsiode also, Bella found out who she really love the most. No confusing there, eh Bella?

And Breaking Dawn, well, from it's name, you'll now its the end of the story. The book is divided into 3 parts, 1st part from Bella, 2nd part from Jacob and the last part from Bella's. I'll make it short here. Bella is pregnant with Edward's child, but its not a normal human child. It's a mixture of human and vampire. Hence, there are many consequences. No one, I mean among the Cullens had encountered with this type of pregnancy (might said vampires can't get pregnant?), and they wouldn't know whether the fetus will claim any harm, if it is born. It's not that only the Cullens are being cautions about the pregnancy, the werewolves also are concern. And after the birth of the child, the Volturi came to 'check' whether the new born are a 'immortal child' (a child who has been turned into a vampire) or not, as they heard from another vampire. But in the end, it is an ending that I like so much!

If you notice the titles, it has much to do with the phenomena between night and morning. I guess the titles suit the stories, as these stories only suits to happend at these particular times. All in all, it's a different kind of love story, a real different type, though.

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