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16 Apr 2009


'Honeymoon' time is over. Started to do revision days ago. Well, only for the 1st paper that is going to be examine on this Saturday. And then there are 9 days break before the next paper and then continue with the last paper on 28th April. It's a long period between each papers, thus I started revise a little bit late. Hmm...it's not hard to do revision, but hell, still doesn't like to do this stuff! Might not blog for some time, as I won't be doing any other things except revision. I don't know why all the major papers have to be at the end of the exam period. I hate to be the last person to go back home. While others are enjoying holidays, I still haven't start exam. Sien. Btw, I prefer courseworks more than exams. I really prefer coursework based more than exam based!

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