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24 Apr 2009

~A Mighty Heart~

The Plot

A Mighty Heart is a detailed account of the search for kidnapped Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl in 2002.

Pearl was kidnapped in Karachi by supporters of Omar Sheikh, who claimed responsibility (and was later captured and convicted but is appealing the ruling) for kidnapping and beheading Pearl in 2002. The movie also covers efforts by Department of Justice and the U.S. Department of State's Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) to track the kidnappers and bring them to justice.

* It's actually from Mariene Pearl's memoir with the same title. She is the widow of slain American journalist, Daniel Pearl. The movie focused on how Mariene cope with the incident, and how those officers trying hard to search for Daniel. Getting info from here and there, asking around...they did everything they can, trying to bring back an innocent guy to his wife. Though we all know that whenever these things happen there won't be a good ending, these people still hopes for miracle, thus do as much as they can. But in the end, it's still a sad thing. *Wish Mariane Pearl and her child stay strong and live happily.*

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