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28 Apr 2009

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

Yess!! Finally finish the exam! Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka! After all these days of revising and months of studying, it's now officially the end of the 2nd semester of the 2008/2009 academic year, which also means that I'm getting closer to the 3rd year. Whoah...it's like I was just started the uni life not long ago, but seems like it's going to end soon!  

We went out to enjoy ourselves after the exams, just like what we had done a couple of times. I actually was not in the mood of enjoying, as I was suffering from headache. Dang headache make me suffered so much during the examination! I actually wanna 'put aeroplane' on them, but didn't do so as this will be our last meeting before we will meet again in this big group during the new semester, which will be in July. So, ended up going with them. XinMi, SheiHan and MingWei went 1st, as they had something to do. And the rest of us, ChiaMin, SzeSze, ZheRong, Lawrence and me went later, as we also had something to do. Lawrence went to check his assignments' result, while I went to my school's office to get some certs' verification. The remaining friends went to International Office to get their offer letter (for student exchange programme, anyway, congrats, guys!). So, we met up at the bus stop to go to Gurney...for KTV! Lawrence and I waited for the others for a looong time as they were stucked in International Office. Haiz...pity me and Lawrence! When we got up the bus, the bus took us round and round and round, before we reached Gurney after some 1 hour bus ride. Man, we were all starved to...nearly fainted! We went to the room, where SheiHan, MingWei and XinMi had already started singing while waiting for us (they came here with car). So, the 1st thing to do is decide where to eat, as all of us haven't eat yet. We concluded that we will have dinner at 5pm after the singing session, so at the meantime we'll share some fried rice. 

Well, in KTV, what to do? Sing loh. But I was not a good singer, so I do listening. Plus my head bang so much when I move around, so I sit still, with my jacket on, as I was freezing. All others started to sing, well, actually it was MingWei, SheiHan and XinMi who was singing, as they are actually quite a good singer. Anyway, ZheRong did sing, and I can't believe Jerung can sing well too! Hahaha...

I had some fried rice when it was served, and then my head started to bang more slowly. Haiz...but better than banging harder. And then, SzeSze and MingWei came in with a birthday cake. It's a belated birthday for me and Lawrence's coming soon birthday in May. I should had gave this a thought as they did the same thing for me last year (well, a lil' bit different as last year was an early celebration), but my head bang so hard that I wouldn't want to think a thing. And I got a birthday gift from them! So this is the thing they need to do! Oh man...thank you so much! Muakzz!! :) So after the cake cutting session and a lil' of photo session, the singing session continue. Did sing a song or two, but can't help it as my head bang harder, you know, like when you push yourselve too hard, there are more pains. Shit, I hate it when this thing happend to me! We hang around at RedBox until 5pm, before we started to leave. Lawrence lost his birthday gift, and went back to find, which he couldn't find it in the room, and ZheRong suggested that it might had been accidently thrown away while the staff clean the room. Hence, he went back to find the staff who cleaned the room, and finally got it back. Man, it was really being thrown away! 

After that, there was a suggestion to have dinner at the famous Gurney Drive. So, while waiting for the stalls to set up, we went window shopping in the Gurney's shopping mall. We had pasembur, fried oysters, fried kuey teow, claypot chicken rice and wanton mee for dinner. Went to wait for bus around 7.45pm, so that we won't missed the bus. Anyway, the bus didnt came until 8.45pm. We chat and took some photos in this hour. It's like we took turn to chat, from 1 person to another person. So, each of us talked and listen to different things, which was fun, though. And when the bus finally came, we rushed to the side of the road. It's like we don't want to miss the bus! Of course, we had waited for sooo long! But the bus stop at a place, and we waited for some time before the bus started to move again. Til this time, all of us had exausted, from our all day long's activities. Woke up early, went to exam, went to do own stuff, singing, dinner, waited for the dang bus...we've all worn out. We need to be recharge!!

*Thanx ya for celebrating birthday with me. Though we only met during the start of our uni life, we had become quite a close friend. I appreciate this relationship with you guys. God let us met by chance, and we should preserve this relationship forever!

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