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5 Apr 2009

Missed it!

I was sick during the weekend, hence I missed the F1 Sepang GP at the circuit. sob....sob....anyway, I did watched the race at home, and it was an unexpected race. I do not expect the race to stop halfway! It's all because of the heavy rain. The race started dry, but rain heavily around lap 30++, and eventually, halted in the rain. Everybody hope for a restart, but it does not happen, as it was too dangerous to go on. Some factors contributed to the decision. First was the circuit itself were too wet to go on, and then it's getting darker (almost 6++pm and after rain). Some drivers did complain that the vision was unclear to do a restart, which means it was too dangerous to do it. After the red flag was shown, cars stopped at the starting grid, waiting for the decision on whether a restarting race will be held. So, after some times of disccusion among the safety officers, the result was there will be no restart race, and the race will stop at lap 33. So the winners will be those who are leading the race at lap 31, but they will only get half of the actual points (eg. if actual points for number 1, then in this race, the driver will only get 5 points). It's pity that a race should finish that way, but the drivers' safety are important too. Without the drivers, there will be no F1 races. 

I was, somehow, not really disappointed, although my favourite drivers were lost during the race and I missed the chance to watch it live at the circuit. I did saw a scene that I wouldn't had a chance to watch if I went to the circuit! Here's the special moment that was captured in the TV: while all the cars were lining up at the starting grid to standby (just in case there is a restart race), my fa-fa-favourite driver Kimi Raikkonen's car was in his garage. He actully was still in the race, which means if there is a restart race, he still can go on to race. But there was no sign that he will be continuing, as he was not in the car, nor the mechanics were standby-ing. Turn out that his race engineer had make some decisions: they were doing a data calculations, and the final decision on whether to go on racing will be informed later. Hence, Kimi was, at that moment, had a 50-50% to race or not to race. But from Kimi's appearance, there was no sign that he will go out and race again. When he was filmed, he was, ahem, wearing a Ferrari t-shirt and cap, a short pants and a flip flop, and eating a Magnum ice cream while grabbing a Coke! Plus he was smiling!! OMG!! He was real handsome!!!! Thus, I was not reeaally disappointed for not being at the circuit. Hehe...

Anyway, I just hope that he and my other favourites will bounce back in the next races. Each point means so much!

*pray hard...pray hard...

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