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26 Jun 2009

2 in a day

Woke up by these news: Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson had passed away.

America's entertaiment industry has once again lost their greatest stars. 3 weeks ago, David Carradine, of Kung Fu (tv series) and Kill Bill (films) fame, was found dead in a hotel room in Bangkok.

Farrah Fawcet was a multiple Golden Globe and Emmy Award nominee, but she was famous for her Jill Munroe role in the 1976's tv series, Charlie's Angels. Ask any of your parent who had a chance of watching television programmes back in the '70s, probably they will know who is she. For me, I don't have any idea about her, but first heard of her when she announced that she was diagnosed with cancer.

Michael Jackson. I guess most of the people on the earth will roughly know about him. A performer since he was a kid, a singer who is idolised by many people, whether these people are normal people like me or people like Madonna. For me, MJ is a singer who has a good voice. I know nothing about him except that point. But I do know that he is very big, and famous, hmm, like Elvis Presley. Of course, both of them are different in a way, though.

Anyway, death is just another aspect of human's life cycle. Nobody can escape it, nor control it. When the time arrives, it's THE time.

RIP Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson.

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