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6 Jun 2009

Foodie Paradise

Went Kampar to visit my aunt. It's been a while since I last met her. Reached Kampar around 11am, went market and had some late breakfast (actually had our breakfast before we start our journey), before going to my aunt's house. Was there for 2hours++, and then went to Ipoh with my aunt's family. Reached Ipoh town at 3pm, and we thought there will be nothing left to eat for lunch, as it was already after lunch time. But the place where my dad's friend who recommended, were in full house! Though the owner own 2 shoplots, it was not enough for all those who were vying on the famous Ipoh's Nga Choy Kai and Hor Fan. As inside the shops were full, it was no way that we might get a chance. Hence, we waited for the tables outside of the shops, which was quite hot under the sun (though they did covered up, it's only a small part of it ). We had to wait for other people to finish their food by their table, so that we'll managed to get a seat. Sien. Anyway, it was not too long before we got a table. And the food we ordered came quite fast, though. So, it's not so annoyable.

Some shots of the foods:

Lunch..opps! the chicken had not arrived yet!

Things that we bought: Kaya Puff

Hong Pieah

and these....

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