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15 Jun 2009

Spending Spree?

Research job-done.
Result checking-done.
Register courses-done.
Relative's tour guide in Penang-done.

What now?

Repel all other works and enjoy this moments!

Finally I've got my own time, time for me to do my things.

Sleep as much as I want...
Play online games...
Watching Astro...
Time with my magazines...

At this moment, these are all the stuffs that I had in my mind. It's hard to do a family oriented stuff, as parents are working while brothers are studying.

Anyway, 1 of my brother is going to Bintulu for his Diploma's studies. Hence, he's doing one final visiting before leaving to Sarawak: had dinner with my aunts yesterday when they picked me up at the railway station upon returning from Penang, and he and I will be going back to Sri Menanti to visit maternal grandma and uncles. Of course, he'll gather with his friends and teachers before leaving.

And I'll be left out again later. My parents are going to Bintulu with him without me. Sien. Nevermind. I can go there during the holiday. Haha.

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