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27 Jun 2009


It's been a while since I went to Kuala Lumpur International Airport@KLIA. The last time I was there, was to pick up my maid when she went back to Indonesia for a month long holiday. It was like 5 or 6 years ago. And since then, I have no reason to go there, as Low Cost Carrier Terminal@LCCT become the primary airport for my family. (AirAsia offer cheaper price mah!) But today (well, yesterday, to be precise, as I was writing after midnight), after 5 or 6 years later, here I am, at the place where Kimi Raikkonen & co used to get down from other parts of the world every year since 2001 for the Sepang F1 Grand Prix! But it was not me who took the plane. I was sending my brother who is going to Bintulu (MAS's ticket were much more cheaper this time), and my parents+aunt, plus all other stuffs that my brother might use. All in all, my brother went with a big luggage and 2 boxes. And I'm supposed to drive back the car. Hmm, always do these things!

Personally, I like airport. I love watching airplanes take of and landing. If possible, I want to stay near airport or better still, inside the departure area so that I can watch it! I still remember when I went for my first Formula 1 race back in 2007. While waiting for the qualifying race to begin, my brothers and I were actually looking to the KLIA's direction, to watch the airplanes take off and landing. Though it was not the full scene of taking off/landing, it was enough.

KLIA is much better than LCCT, as KLIA is, well, look much more like a normal airport. LCCT is like...an abnormal airport?? Hmm, don't know how to describe it. KLIA is much more spacious and the atmosphere are better.

I used to think of a scene where some fans preparing flowers or banners and waited for the arrival of their idols whenever I'm at KLIA, like what we had seen in television. It actually had cross my mind that I wanna do that too, at least once. But I just don't get it: where do they get the information of which plane/time do their idol is taking? Wasn't it supposed to be keep as a secret from them? And then this idea cross my mind too. Maybe I should work at airport, specifically, at the Immigration counter and then I will have chances to have a glimpse of them! :)

Anyway, ranting's time is over now. Time to go to bed and have a sweet dreams of meeting my idols!

Adios, my liltle brother!

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