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2 Jun 2009

The Rose Month-June


10 of my friends are born in the month named after the Roman goddess, Juno, wife of Jupiter. Plus, Prince William of Wales was also born in this month (well, it doesn't really have any connection with this, though). Anyway, I'm not celebrating all their birthdays with all of them, just wish them through SMSes and e-mails. But I'll be celebrating a belated birthday for Kim Pei, my room mate, whose birthday is today, but we will be spending a day out in Genting. She's going with her sister tonight, so my other room mate, Yee Siew and I will meet her tomorow at Genting. 

Frankly, I'm getting bored with Genting, as I've been up there two times within a month. I think there are not much to do there except entering the Theme Parks, which I think the games are quite bored. Though most adults go there to gamble, the games doesn't suits me either. I'm a bad loser. Plus, I don't have that much money to gamble. So what's the point of going to casino without gambling? 

Anyway, during the last trip there, Sze Sze and I saw a Singaporean actress, who has a blog by the name Lau Char Bo. We do not know her name, but we do recognised this lady. Sze Sze looked at her as she was one of her fans, and the lady do realise that Sze Sze were looking at her with her "I saw her!!" expression, thus smile back at her. Unfortunately, we do not have camera with us, hence, just saw her continue with her journey as we waited for our friends.

So, what am I gonna do in this month? As the research thing will be wrapped up during the 8th of June, I'll be back in Penang on the 8th of June, as on the 9th, there will be a final meeting between us the assistants researcher and the head researcher. After that, I will be staying a few more days before coming back to Shah Alam, to spend my last few weeks at home with my family and relatives. Soon after that, new semester will start. I guess I'll just treasure my time at home!

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