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1 Aug 2009


4 of my friends should be onboard now...flying first to Amsterdam, then to Helsinki, only then, will reach Tampere, Finland. They are in a student exchange programme. 3 of them is my housemates, so currently, I only have 3 housemates. Yeah, a bit quite now.

I actually planned to go to the airport to be with them, but the bad thing was there was a talk on Friday, which I can't missed. Hence, my plan was burst. If it's not the talk, most probably I'll be sitting in front of my laptop at home now-note that it's HOME, as in "the house or flat/apartment that you live in, ESPECIALLY WITH YOUR FAMILY ". And probably I've own a new handphone by now. Haiz.

Now that there is no other chance to go home, I'll need a longer period before I can have a new phone. Probably during the Raya's break. Sigh, sigh, sigh.

Anyway, my friends will be studying at University of Tampere for this semester. They will be back and join us again during the next semester. Though it was not a very long period, it's still some time before we will meet again.

Sayonara, my friends!

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