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3 Nov 2009


Here comes the second last month of the year. The last Formula 1 race of this year had come to an end when the season was wrapped up in the inaugural race at Yas Marina circuit in Abu Dhabi. Both the driver's and constructor's championship have been declared, and now the vroom vroom session will stop for about 1 month (depending on the teams), before testing session begin.

By that, it means My exam is around the corner. Well, to be precise, my first paper will be on tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow. Yet, I'm still blogging and Facebook-ing. It's not that I wasn't doing revision. I did. But probably because I've read the same thing for a few times that make me feel bored. Anyhow, I'll read the whole thing again after this.

And coincidently, this semester is my second last semester as an undergraduate. Life as an university student will come to an end. It's frustrating when come to think of it. It seems that I had just entered the university few days back and now, the ending is nearer. I've just started to enjoy the uni life, get along with more friends but it will all end soon. Life's pretty funny.

A little reminder here: There was some tragic happened in these few days. First was the bridge collapsed incident, and then there were 3 Uni students were drown in the waterfall incident. Please take good care of yourselves and give more attention to the surroundings while planning for a vacation-be it weather, the place you wanna visit or any other small things. And to those in abroad, please take good care of yourselves too~I still need you all back here in Malaysia~

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