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30 Dec 2010

Good, But Not Good!

Congratulations to the Malaysian Football team who put up a solid defense against Indonesia to win the Suzuki Cup for the first time. K. Rajagopal's boys played very well in Indonesia yesterday and in Malaysia four days ago. I guessed it was really a boost for Malaysian, especially the football team. Everyone was so happy for the win, until it was declared a public holiday tomorrow (31st Dec) by our beloved prime minister.

The sudden public holiday announcement did no good for workers, especially for me and my colleagues. Our job is to do and edit subtitle for tv programmes. For editing part, we need to wait the subtitle files from the freelancers to send in before we can do editing and after some technical stuff, it will be air. Normally, freelancers will be given a time frame to do the task and a due date to send in the files. We have no problem if there are fixed public holidays because freelancers will be acknowledge about it and they'll send in the file before the public holidays. But if it's a sudden public holiday like this one, we can only hope that the freelancers will send in before the office hour, or else we will be working on the public holiday!

It is not a good feeling to be working since it's a public holiday! Yes, we can still get an extra leave/OT, depends on how the company works, but it feels bad when everyone else is off but we are working! I rushed my translation file too, as it is needed to be edit by my colleague, and I have 3 files to be edited. It's like having a war, trying to finish as much as I can. For me, lady luck is with me this time, as the file I was waiting came in in time. But it was not the same case with my colleagues. They still need to go to work tomorrow.

I wish the sudden declaration of a public holiday will not happen frequently. May God bless me.

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