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3 Dec 2010

It's time for Holiday!

Will soon be flying to Hainan Island, China for an 8 days holiday+visiting relatives! It's a long holiday, so I'm starting to pack my luggage now as I still have to work for 3 days before flying off. Plus today is Sunday. I have much more time to list out all the stuffs I need to bring along and the day before I depart will be the day I double confirm all the things I need. Packing for a long holiday is quite troublesome. There are so many important stuff to pack until it looks like I'm moving over to stay there!

Packing aside. I'm now very excited because this will be the very first time I visit the roots of my family! =)


kyon said...

U seem like a organize people with double conform ur pack & stuffs. If were me, I started pack last minute. I remember I did packing middle of midnight...another 3hour to get my ass to LCCT...hahaha. Nxt time u might be a tour-guide for me to visit Hainan Island. BRABO!

Yen Pheng who loves Kimi Raikkonen said...

hahaha...coz i don't want left things mah...can can...come come we go hainan island nxt year!