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19 Dec 2010

Post China Trip

I've been staying in China for the past 8 days and sadly, I have 2 major things to complain. All I can say is that, some of them are still, mentally not fully educated. I had a big problem with them spitting around in the public place whenever they feel like spitting. It is wayyy too unhygienic! When we wanna spit, we surely knew there were something bad inside the saliva/flame that make us uneasy inside our throat. That's why we spit. With that, it already 'shows' that that thing is not clean. So how can someone spit that thing in public place? I truly really don't get it!

And then there's one rude Chinese tourist who seems can't wait to take photos at a tourist spot. It happened when I visited Nanshan, where the Kwan Yin Statue was located. There is a place where a word, 寿, which means longevity in Mandarin, is spotted on a big stone. My family and I happened to be the first one to reach that place (because we were the only one went down from our tram, and there were no one there) so we take turn to take photo with the word. Halfway, there were some don't-know-originated-from-where's Chinese tourists came. At that time, I was going to snap a photo of my aunt (which is only a few years older than me) when I heard a person "Oi! Oi!"-ing behind me. I know that person is shooing me, but then I purposely took my time to snap another picture and than slowly walked away. bluek! And my aunt heard one of them saying, "Young people no need to take picture with the word." Come one! It's a tourist spot. Whoever is interested can just take picture of whatever things that a person like. Age does not matter at all! I really can't understand why they behave like that.

One rotten apple will spoil the whole barrel.

I hope there are not a lot of rude person, not only in China but anywhere else in the world, because it can tarnished reputation. Why should a person be rude to others? I really don't understand. As for the spitting part, it is still understandable as spitting has been a culture for such a long time in their history. It will take some time for all of them not to spit at public place, and I guessed they might had improved.

It might seems that I am too naive to think that everyone should be a good person and behave nicely. No, that's not what I'm trying to say. What I'm trying to say is that at least in a public place, please show some respect to others who is a total stranger to you. It's not that everyone wants to see the bad side of a person. Yes, no one is perfect. You can do whatever you like in your house and put on a good mask when you're out of the house, because human love to see beautiful thing.

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