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18 Dec 2010

Hainan Island Part 2

12th-15th Dec 2010

For the next three nights, Fulin Hotel in Wenchang city will be our temporarily 'home'. It took about 2 hours to reach Wenchang from Haikou. A car rented by our relative came to fetch us at Haikou Hotel at around 10 am, and we reached Wenchang around 12 noon. We first checked into our hotel, unloaded our luggages and then went to the village. The distance to the village by car is about 10 minutes, so yeah, our village is quite near to the town. Upon reaching the village, we were greeted by my granddad's cousin brother's daughter and her family and my grandma's younger sister. Right after that, firecrackers were lighted to mark our home coming.

Throughout the days we had in the village, we had dinners and lunch there. We also went around the town to shop, mostly on sport's apparel. We also went to visit my grandma's sister and her family near the Wenchang town.

All in all, there were no cultural shock for me as how the village's environment looks like. The only different are the structure of the houses.

This is how a row of houses looks like in the village

Ping pong-ing during her lunch, I guessed *she's wearing high heel*

Each bus stop has this board showing each bus's destinations.

Local taxi

Lots of Li-Ning shops in Hainan Island!

16th Dec 2010

The day we departed Hainan Island. It was the coldest day we ever had as it rains heavily, with the wind blowing as strong as she likes. Though there were many domestic flights (inter China) were interrupted, ours were not. We even reached Malaysia 20 minutes earlier! =)

It's damn cold!

All our stuff

Taken inside the plane

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