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19 Jul 2010

Luck of the Pot!

Another event on my third week on work-potluck! Brought a cake for the occasion., baked by my beloved mummy. Not a hard job, but I seldom involved in baking, so just let the pro do, I'm only the helper~weeeeee!!! The event was actually multi-purposes-promotion, resignation, and welcoming. Promotion: for the newly elected manager of my department, Zurim; resignation: for Blythe who had resigned 2 or 3 months ago, and last but not least, welcoming the 2 newcomers to the department, Shazwina and myself. Everyone brought over some food, and the food were enough for the whole days meals-breakfast, lunch, tea break and dinner. I heard they had this event annually, for gathering purpose. Started to eat at 11 am. 2 ex-BATI-ans (Bachelor Of Arts Translation & Interpretation) asked me when is my convo, and we had a little chat. I'm not good in conversation. Don't expect so much from me! Actually there were 5 BATI-ans, including my manager in my office. There are two who are 2 years my seniors, and another 2 are more 3 and 4 years my senior. Zurim herself is the first batch of the BATI-ans. From what I see during this event and the previous team building event, I conclude that all human beings are the same. We always find a place which is suit for us. We have our own gang, and whenever we have any events, we try to be together. I know the sense of belonging in a group very much, because I have my own group too. I walked with them, run with them, talked with them, eat with them, and slept with them too. So I know the feeling very well. Though I'm still group-less now, I think I'm ok with it, because I used to be a lone ranger during my secondary days. It doesn't means that I don't have any friends, I do know my colleagues. I can still mingled with them if I want. But basically, I always mingled with those around my age. But its not even a month since I started working here, so I guessed eventually it will be better.

Back to the potluck, there were many heavy foods-nasi lemak, kari rendang, vege, telur goreng, sambal, meehun, satay, salads, pasta and some other food that I don't know its name. And then there were desserts like fruits, drinks and my cake. We continued to do our job as we had done with the food. Whenever there is an event, I felt that the working hours passed by very fast. Before the office hour, those wanted to tabao brought along their containers and brought back the food!

It's an event pretty much like I had during my uni's day! =)

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