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10 Jul 2010

Team building

Had only started to work for 4 days (exclude weekends), and I'm 'entitled' to take part in a team building event organized my department! LOL! It was a 1.5 days event, starting from Friday until Saturday, at Dusun Eco Resort at Bentong, Pahang. It is a place where families go for recreational or groups go for training purpose. The main reason for the event, I think, is actually for everyone to have some time off from work and gather together, plus train the whole department to be unite. For me, it was a time for me to recognize and remember each colleague's name!

As my department is not big, around 20 people, we manage to start the journey according to the schedule. It took about 1.5 hours to reach the resort. We reached there at about 11 am. We started the first activity, the obstacle courses before we check into our room, as our room had not ready yet. We took about 2 hours to finish the courses assigned to us. Basically, I think the obstacles were ok, not too hard. But I guess some colleagues were not familiar with these types of activities, so most felt it's hard. And some had acrophobia too. So it takes time to convince and persuade them to take part in some obstacles that include a high place. Then, we headed to the next activity, flying fox. I'm not satisfied with it, as it's only 200 meter, and when we were 'flying', it always move left and right, no matter how I adjust it. I still think Sunway Lagoon has the perfect one!

After that, we had lunch. Somehow, I felt like going to PPMS' training, as we have to wash our own plate and spoon each time after we had our meal. I missed the week at that camp! Then we had paintball. I just had my first paintball game 11 days before, and I know we need a proper attire so that we won't get hurt too much. Mana tau, the attire that they provided was even worse: we only had vest, literally vest, not the bullet prove type. I was like, Whhatt?? Only that??? 11 days ago, I had a bullet-prove type vest (the thick type) and a jeans type jacket which covered my whole hands and when I got shot, the bruise on my hand is still with me until today! With only the vest, how am I gonna survived the game?? End up, I didn't change my position when the game started. Luckily there were no good shooter, so I didn't kena any, although they fire like we were really their enemy. And with my team mates who were the simply opened fire type, we managed to end the game with victory, because our opponent had more members being shot. After that, we had tea break and then we checked into our room.

Each room had four people. I myself was in room with colleagues name Be Lan, Hui Ning and Suk Chin. Be Lan is the super senior among the three, and Suk Chin is two years older than me. The room has four single beds and a pillow and blanket in each bed, a steel cabinet to put bags/personal items, a chair, a fan, two lights and a built in toilet with a shower, sink, toilet hole, a mirror and a hook. That's all. And we have to put on the bedsheets on our own. The best part is, the water is very cool. They said that it is straight from the mountain.

We had our own time until 8pm, where we took our dinner in a gazebo. Dinner supposed to be a barbecue, but since it rains from 4pm, the person in charge of the event change it. So it's a dinner prepared by the staff there, but we still had some dishes which was roasted: fishes and chicken. It was a simple meal, so we finish quite early. After that, we had free time. The eight of us, the Chinese, squeezed into my supervisor's room to play Uno game. It was great, because I can know them better. It really helps, because during office hours, there are no chances to interact with all of them in this way. I think interaction in this way is much easier to know each other.

We played until 1 am. The next morning, we had breakfast at 9am, and start the jungle trekking at 10am. The track itself is quite challenging, where we had to climb a hilly and get down with our backside first. It was also very slippery, as it rains yesterday. The route we had choosen was the 1 hour route, and it's very challenging, much more from the Jerejak Island and Bako National Park. At least at Bako, there were some parts with wooden plank. But here, I think everyone needs a local guide because it's literally a jungle, with no guidance of plank wood or sign.

After the 1 hour trekking, we clean ourselves and pack our stuff before getting into a truck to get back to a bus station, about 10 or 15 minutes away. The resort itself is a bit outskirt, where no buses can enter. Hard to imagine? Just imagine a resort at the roadside of Malaysia's East-West Highway, that's the resort located, with handphone signal are very low.

It was a great trip, and I hope there are mores to come!


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