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11 Jul 2010

New semester starting...

but I'm not involved in it! Weeee!!! Kinda missed it. For the past 3 years, I've been waiting for each semester to start, so that I can meet with my bunch of crazy friends. Though I hate so much to leave my family for months and get back there to clean the dusty room, I think 3 years is such a short time. It's pity that I only had 3 years' of university life. From a junior to a senior, from semester 1 to a semester 6, there were differences in each semester, especially during the new academic years. It's fun to see/watch the new students, e.g. how they dress, and how they obey the rules! It's great to have this experience. And the most thing I missed during a new semester? The very first week of it. Not much of classes, lots of time to loiter around! Once, I actually went for Sakae Sushi three times in a week!!! Gosh! Really missed those times. Now that I've finished my studies, some of my friends just wanted to start their final semester or in some other cases, just wanted to start their final year's studies. All of them have a very good reason to extend. I don't know how they feel on study without us (we started in the same academic year). If I'm the one, surely I will missed those very much! All I can say to them is: Have fun in the coming semester, and wish you all the best!

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