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17 Jul 2010

So far so good....

...but working life sucks!!! Been working for 10 days and learnt a few things. Now I wanted to say this: I MISSED STUDY LIFE SOOOOOO FARKING MUCHHH!!!!!! I can't loiter like I used to be, I can't online as much as I can, I can't watch movies/tv programmes like I used to, and most importantly, I CAN'T SLEEP UNTIL I WAKE UP ON MY OWN!!!!!!!!

Nonsenses aside, my job itself is pretty much ok lar....I've already expected it. People will find it as a bored job, but I'm ok with it. So far, been doing 2 episodes of dramas, 1 talk show, 1 reality show, and 2.5 education programmes. The colleagues are helpful too. Basically, everything is ok with me. No complains. I can still survive.

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