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18 Jul 2010


Got my official Convocation Notification Letter from USM's Registry Department 3 weeks ago~VVIPs have been informed, and total number to attend my convo has been confirmed. But there are few things to do before attending the event. Checklists as below:

  1. Accommodations during convo - booked
  2. Flights for grandma from Singapore - booked
  3. Annual leaves - approved
  4. Bus ticket to Penang - haven't buy yet
  5. Attire on convo day - haven't decide yet
  6. Pre-Convo's accommodations (for convo's rehearsal) - settled
  7. Graduate Tracer Study from MOHE - done
  8. Form for representative Collecting Academic Robes - still in progressed
I think that's all. I guessed I didn't missed out any other important stuff!

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