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24 Sep 2010

30 become 60

It's supposed to be a 30 minutes drive from my work place to my house, but yesterday it took 1 hour. Walau eh. From Bukit Jalil to Kota Kemuning only wor. About 32km only mah. Need 1 hour meh? Highway supposed to be smoothly, how come can stop de? Tired de leh always stop and move only for 2 meters. And to make thing worst, langsung don't know why I was stuck in the traffic. No accidents, no police, not because of the traffic lights to go into Hicom nor was it raining heavily. If the reason was many vehicles, vehicles will only slow down, not stopping. Really don't understand lar. Wasted my time. I don't know how others feel, especially those everyday who needs to meet with it. I think stuck in traffic is a waste of time. I prefer to go out early to avoid it. I don't mind if there is an emergency/accidents stuff, but please don't drive 50km/h on the middle or the right lane lar. It's a 90km/h highway, not a road for you to makan angin lar. You are wasting other's time and endangering other's life!


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