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30 Sep 2010

Butt butt being bumped

Was driving as usual on the busy and crowded Puchong-Bukit Jalil Highway after work and as usual, I was driving on the fast lane. The traffic were so bad that all of us need to stop our car. While waiting for the front car to move, suddenly there was a "thump" sound and I felt like I was being pushed over to the front. I am very sure I didn't bumped over the front car as there were still some distances between the front car and mine. Heck. The big white car behind me bumped over mine. Some more in this busy+bad traffic's road! The impact was not big so I think it was not a big deal. I didn't get down on the spot to check as I do not want to worsen the already bad traffic and I'm looking for a safe place to do so. I was planning to pull over after the crowded area, which is about 2km away. By doing that, I can know how bad was it and I can ask for some damage compensation. Before I can do so, that car turn into a left junction. =.=" I don't think his initial direction was that junction because anyone who wanted to take that turn should already at the left lane at the time he bumped on me. What can I say? Bumped and run. It's an irresponsible act and it's not what a gentlemen should do. Shame on you. Though it was just a scratch, I don't like my property being hit.

Don't daydreaming when you drive, you irresponsible driver! Look at the cars and surrounding condition in front of you!

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