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6 Sep 2010

Berbuka Puasa

at Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside Hotel! It was a Monday. So my colleagues and I went straightaway after work. It's a nice and beautiful hotel.

The menu were full with Malay food, from mee rebus to rendang, satay dan lain-lain lagi. It was a buffet style, so it was quite a waste for me as I don't eat much. Zhe Rong, you are the best person to come here!

Speaking of food during this fasting month in Malaysia, one cannot forget about the bazaar Ramahdan. Normally when I went to the bazaar, I look for light food: kuih muih. This year, I went thrice. Bazaar A was so teruk, as most of the stalls sold nasi dan sayur. I was so disappointed. The second time, I went to Bazaar B. This time around, it fulfilled my wish: I had my kuih muih! The next day, I went again, this time around, bought some heavy food as my dinner. As usual, I had kuih muih. This time, I also bought lemang, ayam percik, rendang, andmurtabak. The total amount that my aunt and I spent on that trip to bazaar was RM38.20. All the food was shared within 3 person, so it's about RM12 per person. It's crazy that one can spent so much for a meal in a bazaar Ramahdan. But I think mine was much more worth it than Zhe Rong's, who spent RM10.50 for a Pasembur alone!

Kuih muih yang saya suka:

Kuih Bakar

Kuih Bakar yang telah dipotong

Kuih Tako aka Kuih Tepung Pelita.
~I ate like I'm eating raw oyster, slurp slurp!~

Kuih Keria, my all time favourite

Puding Gula Hangus,
all time favourite, but I only eat during this fasting month

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Thanks for sharing the yummy cakes and desserts!