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19 Sep 2010

Precious Moment

As grandma is staying over here, my uncle from Cheras came to visit grandma. It's a small scale gathering with uncle and his family after our last meeting on Chinese New Year gathering months back.

Today too, my brother will be flying back to his isolated uni in Bintulu to continue his study after the Raya break finally comes to an end. Hence, it's quite a cherish moment when all the family members gather together for a small scale reunion.

Had all the usual makan-makan (light food, though) and chit chatting event when they arrived at 11.30. Around 12.45 noon, all of us went out to have lunch, with all my brother's stuff, as he'll straight away goes to the airport.

Went to eat 鸭腿面, and there were many crowds. While waiting for the food, we chatted and had some laughs.

Precious moment came to an end when we finished our lunch. As usual, my brother had the farewell session where he said goodbye to everyone, especially my grandma. Today, it's my task to send my brother to the airport, as the others were heading back to my home.

Driving to LCCT with an 1.6 auto car was such an easy job. LCCT sounds so far away from here, but we arrived in a flick of time. LCCT, is really low cost. I think it was more like a bus station. 2 weeks ago, I went to KLIA with mom to fetch my brother. There is really a difference between these 2 airports. What can I say? It's low cost mah. Juat dropped my brother at the departing area and wish him luck for the coming days and months in his ulu campus.

My pity brother will have to celebrate the coming Mid Autumn festival far far away in a ulu place. But no worries, we'll see the same moon that night! =)

Ciao, my brother!

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