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17 Sep 2010

Actual Friday of the week!

It's Friday! It was not a hectic day as I only got my video clips on afternoon plus today only work til 5.30 pm. So, I kidda started to do my work on 2pm. Quite a slacking morning though. But 4 hours passed so fast when I'm translating. At about 5.15pm, a colleague suddenly stand beside me and asked to choose a jelly mooncake! Thanks Mona for the delicious mooncake! =) This reminded me of the Mid Autumn Festival which falls on the coming 22nd September, next Wednesday. It's a day where all family members gather together and eat mooncake with Chinese tea, light the lanterns and looking over the bright and beautiful full moon. Come come, Wednesday!

Here's how a jelly mooncake looks like:

Dull color means it was not made with color essence...

Yummy yummy!

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