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7 Sep 2010

It's a small small world...

...or was it a small small field?

4 days ago, a new colleague joined my department. I did not chat much with her cos' I was busy with my own work, rushing for the weekend's TV programmes. All I knew, at that time was, her name, where she stay and how she goes to work.

As I was a little free this morning, I chatted with her. Only then, I knew she was my senior from the same course-BATI in USM! At that time, senior-junior interaction was very bad. I myself did not knew all my seniors. So was her. She was one batch older than me. Like me, this job vacant was "introduced" by our beloved lecturer, Dr. Goh. When she knew I was from BATI too, she was surprised! =) We had a long chat afterwards. The best thing is, she sits beside me. I guess I can kacau her when I meet with problems! =)

So out of 23 persons in my department, there are 7 who was a BATI-ans (that's what we called ourselves). Oohh, and I found out one of my course mate was freelancing with my company too! It's good to see all of them doing jobs related to the degree we had, and there are 亲切感 too!

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