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15 Sep 2010

First "Friday" in this week~

Yet another public holiday tomorrow, but the day after tomorrow is a working day. Duh. It feels like a Friday, coz there is an off day tomorrow. Spent my time watching my beloved anime, Initial D, again. It's been a few months since the last time I watched it. Frankly, since I came back home from Penang, I have not re-watch my collection of movies/dramas. I've been too 'busy' to watch because staying at home is not as bored as staying in uni's hostel. There are many other things to do, like glued on television and spending times with family. =) Since there was a 3 continuously holiday last week, the mood of off day-ing is still here. Hence, I am in the mood of holidaying and it starts now! Initial D, here I come!

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