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31 Oct 2010

Ahem, what have I done?

Nothing. I don't remember doing anything special for the past 30 days and now it's the end of October. Life is much more meaningless without going out with buddies, either having just a meal or karaoke-ing. I missed u guys so much! Don't upload so many photos of u guys enjoying without me! Me sad sad while looking it! How I wish all my buddies will come and settle here in KL. Although we may not meet as frequent as we used to have during the uni's days, the chances for us to meet will be slightly higher than our situation now. Will you guys come down central so that we can meet again? I sure will go over there if there is any opportunity. Sigh. I think I should join some activities during the weekends, otherwise all I will do on my weekends is reminiscing the good old days I had in uni, like an old lady.

Life still needs to go on without all of you, but all of ya will always in my heart!

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