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16 Oct 2010

Journey to the east...

...on a day trip was very tiring!

There was a wedding reception for my relative in Pahang. This is the second time I went to a wedding reception in this year. This time, we went to Triang, a small town in Pahang. My family and I went from KL. So, we passed through Genting, then going east, east, and east, until the Temerloh exit. From Temerloh exit, we passed through Temerloh town, went along the big river, Sungai Bera. The we passed through Kampung Buntut Pulau-a very weird name for a village, before we reach Kemayan, then only Triang. Many of my relatives had reached before us at the host's house. The lunch start at 2 pm, so we went out on 1.30 pm, as the restaurant is quite near to the house. This wedding reception was the fastest reception that I had ever had. It started at around 2.15 pm, and finished at about 4.45 pm. The food were quite ok, and we had 1 special dessert: ice cream that came with the cooler box! It's very practical, as we can bring back the whole box if we cannot finish the ice cream.

It's a tiring trip, but it's worth it because I saw new thing!

ice cream from KOCHABI

cube ice cream with different flavours

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