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10 Oct 2010

A Slow Weekdays

It was a slow week for me, as the materials for my task was not in. If it was a slow week last week, the coming week will be a hectic week for me, as I need to rush to finish my task. Duh. It's a working life, isn't it? And it make things harder when it comes to entertainment sector. The on air date won't be change or postpone no matter what happen to us-the person who needs to do the subtitle. Who to blame to? Can't really blame the QA, who do all the editing parts before us, because I think they are really trying to do asap for us. Blame the channels, who sometimes was late when sending the videos to QA? I can't really comment on it, as I'm not sure whether these happen often or not. All I can do is pray that the videos should reach on the time they should have reach.

Anyway, when it comes to weekend, it was not a slow day anymore. When one went to shopping malls, the time won't passed so slow. In a click of time, 4 or 5 hours have been gone, and much of $$$ have been spent. About 5 hours shopping, 5 hours doing house chores plus FB plus meals and woke up at 9.30 in the morning, a Saturday just gone and a Sunday is reaching. On Sunday, the time passed even faster.

I can't believe times in a working life is speeding. Haiz.

*Finger crossed that my video is on its way to the folder now.*

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