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14 Oct 2010

Bert Bert is in Malaysia!

Adam Lambert is in Malaysia! Arghhh!!! It makes me go crazy leh, as radio channel, hitz.fm always talk about his concert, which is happening right now, and aired his songs many times in a day. Pity that I have to missed his first ever concert in Malaysia. :(

Some people had made a fuss about his concert here. Yes, he is a gay. So, does that means that he cannot has his concert here? If it's the case, it means these anti-Adam Lambert's concert people are discriminating the gay. Gay people are still human and normal guy like us. It's just that their sexual orientation is different from normal people. And by the way, this dude is here to perform his piece of music, not to show off or promote gay-ism.

If it's regarding his performance in Tokyo where he kissed his guitarist, I personally think the act it's not a big deal. But if you say it is not acceptable here in Malaysia, because we don't practice here, I can still understand and accept this reason. Because, we still have other friends from different races who don't encourage this type of public kissing thing. For this reason, I can understand and it is acceptable. But I think concert organizer in Malaysia know what's the dos and don'ts here in Malaysia, so when signing the agreement with the record company, they definitely will include all the don'ts. These people will acknowledge the concert's ream members, because the consequences of breaching part of the agreement is a big deal. No singers wanna lost the opportunity to meet their fans where they can make money on them, rite? So, I believe they will behave upon agreeing the contract, and a person knows how to respect different people from different places. Unless they think they cannot do it, they won't even sign the agreement or think of organizing the concert.

There were some anti-Lambert's concert people who showed up at the stadium to protest. Yes, they will surely be 'famous' for a moment because this scene surely will appear in the news the next day. But their act show that they are still a narrow minded person. It show that in person, mentally they are not strong enough to say NO to the things that they think it's bad. If they really think that certain thing is wrong, they will stand on it forever. No one can shaken the determination of a person, unless you are a weak person. And they forgot one tiny thing. Their act will not only appeared in local news. It might appeared in international news too. They forget that when some ugly news appear in international section regarding the country, it means they have disgrace their country. Yes, our country needs publicity to promote our country. But we don't need all those bad publicity.

It's already very sad to know that some people still think we Malaysians are still living on a tree or in a cave. People already think that physically we are in the paleolithic era, but now, we have to show them mentally that we are NOT in the paleolithic era. We are a bunch of 21st century human with the Petronas Twin Towers and there is a guy among us who had went to the space. Yes, we are behind the big names like the United States or German, but we are not verrrrrrryyyyyyyy far behind them. We are developing, physically and mentally. So, please don't add on extra embarrassments for our lovely and peaceful country again.

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